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De’Longhi Magnifica ESAM4200 – The Bean Roasting Guru

| May 28, 2015 | 0 Comments

If you want to start of your day with nothing better than a freshly ground coffee, the DeLonghi Magnifica range is one of the best for fresh bean to cup coffee. You have everything at your fingertips to make real Italian coffee with the ability to create cream toppings, caffe latte, or latte macchiato. You can also make the traditional espresso or cappuccino too.

De'Longhi Magnifica ESAM4200 Review

De’Longhi Magnifica ESAM4200 Review

Design Of The Magnifica Range

Instead of expecting Starbucks to brew you up the perfect cuppa, you can do so as soon as you get up in the comfort of your own home. This is a machine that although is fully equipped to make great tasting coffee, still is compact in it’s design, with an average 30cm in each dimension. So it’s not going to take up a huge space in your kitchen. This Magnifica coffee machine is built with a stainless steel finish, so it looks slick and has a modern appeal to it.

It features 2 separate compartments, one for the whole beans if that’s what you choose, and also one for ground beans, if you prefer making coffee that way.

It’s usually easier to find a supplier of ground coffee than whole beans so this is perfect if you run out of whole beans, it means the machine isn’t just sitting in the corner gathering dust. Plus if you want to switch to decaf now and again it makes life easier to do so.


The High Street Coffee Rival

It comes with a built in burr grinder, so you can be sure of a finely brewed cup every time. With a simple touch of a button, as well as a pull on the froth arm, you can create mouthwatering latte’s and cappuccinos. The froth arm is what you can expect from a high street machine. There is excellent performance with the steam, and you can make a cappuccino or latte that you would easily pay a few pound for on the high street. It’s also excellent if you leave your drink to cool, and just need to warm it up a bit. Give it a quick skoosh and your back to that piping hot temperature.

Does The De’Longhi Magnifica Make Magnificent Coffee?

While you’re making your coffee you can top your espresso with a creamy topping with the adjustable spout on the Magnifica. When you move the spout closer to your cup, the more crema it adds to it. You can move the cup around to get a really nice professional and great tasting creamy finish. It does pack 15 bar of pressure to really heat your drink with the perfect infusion of taste and temperature.

Magnifica Maintenance And Brewing

If you need to perform cleaning maintenance on this De’Longhi, it couldn’t be easier. All the parts that you need to remove from this espresso machine are easy to do so, and it’s obvious were all the parts go together. Everything is accessible from the front including the ground and drip tray, the water tank, and the brewing unit. This is a great way to design the unit, as there is no moving the base unit to get round the back. The water tank is easy to fill up, just pull it out, use a jug to fill it up, and its ready again.

Keeping Your Coffee Hot!

The rotary dials that are on the coffee machine are easy to adjust to give you the best strength of coffee possible. Its simple to customise your coffee with any amount of water you like, perfect for a quick short coffee, or a long relaxing one. The inbuilt boiler system that it uses is advanced and easy ready to give you the freshest and hottest cup possible.

For added convenience, it’s super easy to use the rotary dials to adjust both the strength of your coffee and the volume of water you like. So you can make either long or short drinks, with a simple tweak in the settings. Depending on what size of coffee you prefer, you can adjust the height of the dispenser, and even keep your cup warm with the active cup warmer

This is a great bean to coffee machine that will last you a long time. You can be assured that the quality is good as your purchase is backed with a 2 year guarantee. Now you can wake up to nice espresso, and get your day started better than ever before, knowing that it won’t be your coffee machine that lets you down.

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