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3 Best UK Espresso Machines For Less Than £100

| June 6, 2015 | 0 Comments

Buying an espresso machine for less than £100 is easy in the UK. Coffee machine and espresso making technology has come a long way in the last few years and some budget coffee machines are available for sale on amazon that allow you to pick up a quality machine for a cheap price. You will still have to buy the coffee for the machine, so buying an affordable coffee machine, will allow you to splash out on a variety of different coffee flavours.

Espresso Machines Less Than £100

Espresso Machines Less Than £100

DeLonghi EC155

The DeLonghi EC155 is a low priced espresso maker appliance that packs the expertise of a cafe machine into its petite size. It holds a 1 litre water tank capacity, so there is enough to make quite a few cups of either espresso, or cappuccino. It comes with a swivel jet frother that allows you to make your milk perfect for a lovely latte or a quality cappuccino. It comes with an inbuilt 15 bar pump pressure.

There is an easy to clean drip tray that is removable, and will catch all the spills that you have. It also allows you to regulate the temperature to give you the exact type of drink, hot, or really hot. It’s a machine that allows you to add your creativity and own flair to your drinks, something that is not normally found in coffee makers less than £100, as they are mostly always automatic with very little customization settings.

This machine will happily brew 2 cups of espresso at the same time for you. Perfect if you and your partner want to enjoy your morning drink together. It has a nice stylish black and silver design to it, and will look great in your kitchen as you throw that old and rusty kettle that you used to use for your instants in the bucket. Overall, a great espresso machine, and a nice welcome to any coffee connoisseurs kitchen.

Jack Stonehouse

This Jack Stonehouse is another great coffee machine for less than £100. Its the type of machine that you could see in your local cafe or restaurant, as it has an industrial look and feel about it, and will certainly be at home in the most frivolous of coffee drinkers. It comes with the industry standard 15 bar pump pressure, and will make your espresso’s just like your favourite Italian mum.

The coffee arm and filter has a solid feel to it and with a tamper, you will surely have an unforgettable coffee drink every time. One of the great features about this budget espresso machine is that as well as ground coffee it will also accept ESE espresso pods too, since it has a dual filter option in the coffe arm. There is no temperature control on the machine, but you are guaranteed that it makes a hot cup of espresso each and every time.

The milk steamer is perfect to use if you want a latte or espresso, and is easily rotatable around the side of the machine if you have a large mug, which let’s face it, most of use espresso drinkers do. You can turn the dial on this coffee maker if you want to make 2 espresso’s at the same time, perfect for guests, or just because you want to be greedy and drink a second. The drip tray is easily removed if you want to fit your larger cup in too, and will hold any of your coffee overspill. This is the type of machine that will handle plenty of usage, and with its strong fitting arm, will give you the very best espresso flavor possible.

Russell Hobbs Allure

The Allure is a espresso machine that give you the best bang for your buck when it comes to capacity. It features a huge 1.5 litre water tank, which it uses to make espresso drinks that are second to none. Its another great budget coffee machine for less than £100 and comes 15 bar pump pressure to make sure all that lovely water makes it through to your brew with the greatest of flavours contained.

It is a basic looking espresso machine and features the minimum of curves. One thing that does stand out about it though is the tray on the top that allows you to stack your coffee cups just like they do in a restaurant. Perfect if you want that really nice barista touch, and have little space in your kitchen

It’s a inexpensive espresso machine that heats up and then shows a light on the front when it’s ready for you to press the coffee button. It has different filters depending on what size of an espresso that you want. If cappuccinos and lattes are your thing, then the steam froth arm will give you that capability. The drip tray is also easy to remove, and like most coffee machines you will get a little bit of overspill after you remove your espresso, but the tray is a big capacity for the amount of drips you will get. Washing it out once a week is acceptable. If you want one of the best branded names in coffee then you should definitely check the Allure out on Amazon, where it is available for the best price in the UK.

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