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Starbucks Single Serve Pod Coffee At Home – Verismo 580

| June 1, 2015 | 0 Comments

The Starbucks Verismo will give you great tasting Starbucks coffee easily in your home. Its a pod coffee machine that is designed to mimic that classic Starbucks taste, and give you the type of baggage that you would pay a few £s for on your high street. You will have to make sure you have a comfy couch to rival that Starbuck experience completely.

Starbucks Single Serve Pod Coffee Review

Starbucks Single Serve Pod Coffee Review

Verismo Design

The Verismo has been designed with 3 contemporary Starbucks themed colours. It comes in either silver, champagne, or silver black.

It also features a drip tray that is adjustable to different heights, depending on which type of Starbucks drink you enjoy, and exactly how big your prefered cup or mug is.

It has a rinse cycle that you can run after you fill-up the massive 1 litre water tank which is a large capacity and very easy to do. The rinse cycle ensures that the coffee you brew is as hot as an official Starbucks coffee.

It only takes a second, and uses a small amount of water to also fill the internal system. You run the rinse cycle once the machine has heated the water up, and this, of course, helps keep the machine clean, and the coffee fresh every time.

Skip The Starbucks Queue

This is a fast machine. It will fill your cup up with coffee faster than you would get if you were waiting in a Starbucks queue. It includes a variable temperature system, so you always get the best coffee at the best optimal temperature. If you don’t use the machine for 5 minutes it will auto turn off to save energy. But as soon as you need it again, it will heat back up in no time for your cuppa.

The pump inside the Verismo is 19 bar, which is above the industry normal for espresso machines, and this is what you would expect from such a well-known name as Starbucks. There are different type of pods that you use with this Starbucks single-serve machine. One of the pods specifically designs for it is called the brewed pod. This contains coffee that has been vacuum-sealed to maximise that fresh Starbucks tastes, and requires you to remove a foil seal before you put it in the coffee maker.

Coffee Pods

It brews your cup of coffee in about 40 seconds, and if you’re using a normal espresso pod, you would use one of the milk pods too. There is a different button for the milk pod, which makes sure you get that Starbucks froth in your espresso.

They have made the milk pods with only 2% fat. With the espresso pod, there is no need to remove any foil, it’s ready to just pop in straight away. Once you’ve finished using the pods, the coffee maker also stores up to 10 used pods, so you don’t have to empty it very often.

This is an amazing coffee, and for the price is especially cheap, when you compare it to your expensive Starbucks coffee in the morning. Plus you get to save time and get your coffee fix before you leave the house. Great machine, and one that all the coffee lovers in your house will thank you for.

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